El Bufete

In 1954, D. Román Mas y Calvet moved from Barcelona to Madrid and, along with D. Amadeo de Fuenmayor, Professor of Civil Law, established the Bufete in the same address where it is today.

It has rather grown since then but without becoming a large office. We have always counted on young lawyers ready to make their professional way in life. During those fifty years, able lawyers have joined the team before going on to form their own independent law offices, leaving here a hallmark of priceless tradition and know-how.

The professional culture of the Bufete can be summarized in three main points:


 Serve the client rather than the case.


 Work as a  team, always taking into account the views of the other members.


■ Take care of the quality,making sure that the routine matters are followed up and that legal points are studied in depth.